The Best Fantasy Football Logos of October 2018

Operating this website gives me an opportunity to see a lot of great fantasy football logos. These are my favorite logos this month. Kudos to these fantasy team owners for doing a great job with their logos. These designs look better than 75% of the college and pro football helmets.

* These logos are made at Fantasy Sports Factory. Visit the site to make your own for free. 

  1. Bulldog Fantasy Football Logo
    This bulldog with the blue accents on a red helmet takes my top spot this much. First off, the logo is just incredible. It’s cartoony, but not too much so. The colors work wonderfully. It’s timeless, fun, and just an overall well done fantasy football logo.

    bulldog fantasy football Logo helmet

  2. Giraffe Fantasy Football Logo
    This logo is perfect for fantasy football because it just looks so ridiculous. The logo is big, but stays within the “logo part” of the helmet. I can’t look at this face without cracking a smile. Fantasy football is fun and so is this logo. That’s why it’s so high on my list.

    giraffe fantasy football Logo helmet

  3. Green Beret Fantasy Football Logo
    This green beret logo is different and awesome. I love the up-close perspective of the arm. The with and black are simple and classic – a perfect tribute to the armed forces.

    army green beret fantasy football Logo helmet

  4. Chicken Fantasy Football Logo
    Some logos feel destined for a fantasy football helmet even though you know they weren’t made with that intention. That is the case with this chicken. It’s too bad he doesn’t have a football, because it looks like he’s running down a sideline on his way to a TD – and giving a thumbs up to boot. Hilarious!

    chicken fantasy football Logo helmet

  5. Punk Rocker Skull Fantasy Football Logo
    This logo is has more detailed than I normally like, but it was just too awesome not to include on the list. The punk-rock skull set over the simple starts works exceptionally well. I wish I knew the team name for this one. It’s totally original and one of the coolest logos I’ve ever seen.

    rock star skeleton fantasy football Logo helmet

  6. The Letter T Fantasy Football Logo
    I don’t know what this T stands for, but it makes a perfect fantasy football logo. The T is simple, readable, and creates the illusion of motion. This is an example of a fantasy football owner coming up with something better than any single letter design I’ve seen in college, pro, or high school.

    letter t fantasy football Logo helmet

  7. Bird Fantasy Football Logo
    I’m a sucker for silhouettes – especially when they are done will. The bird in this logo could represent pretty much any kind of bird. It’s simple, but the impact is big.

    bird symbol fantasy football Logo helmet

  8. Dolphin Fantasy Football Logo
    I like this dolphin so much better than the Miami Dolphins logo. Like the rocket you’ll see later on this list, this logo works so well because the curve of the dolphin allowed the owner to make it oversized without crowding the space of the helmet.

    dolphin fantasy football Logo helmet

  9. Star Fantasy Football Logo
    The only word for this logo is classic. A basic star is timeless and looks good no matter how small it’s sized. The Dallas Cowboys have the most recognizable helmet in the world – which makes this a new take on a classic.

    cowboys star fantasy football Logo helmet

  10. Rocket Fantasy Football Logo
    The shape and orientation of the rocket makes this a perfect logo for a fantasy football helmet. The narrow rocket angled up with the smoke curving down allows for an oversized logo that works really well on the helmet. Yellow and red is the perfect color scheme.

    missile fantasy football Logo helmet

* These logos are made at Fantasy Sports Factory. Visit the site to make your own for free. 

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