10 Great Animal Fantasy Football Logos

Operating this website gives me an opportunity to see a lot of great fantasy football logos. These are my favorite logos this month. These team owners have done a great fob creating logos for their 2019 team.

* These logos are made at Fantasy Sports Factory. Visit the site to make your own for free. 

Bellevue Broncos
Great bronco logo with an even better color scheme. The blue, orange and gold work great together!

Fernando’s Ragin’ Bulls
Sometimes a simple silhouette is the best choice. This helmet is a class three-color design reminiscent of the Georgia Bulldogs color scheme.

Angry Americans
Nothing says ‘angry american’ like a pissed-off eagle. A round logo slightly offset towards the back, but balanced by the eagles beak.

Check out this woof howling at the moon. The logo color is too close to the color of the helmet, so the owner chose to add an orange outline to create a nice contrast.

This helmet is simple black and white with a pit-bull sporting a big spiked color. With a logo this good you don’t have to over do it with the colors and design of the helmet.

King Cougar
This is a great logo. The crown and blue lightning bolts give it more character than the standard animal head. The orange face mask works well cougar head and crown.

Cheater Cheetahs
I love how this one takes advantage of all of the space on the helmet. I don’t see many people do this – so it had to make the list. It’s also a great logo and looks cool on the orange helmet.

Dolphin Fantasy Football Logo
I like this dolphin so much better than the Miami Dolphins logo. This logo works so well because the curve of the dolphin allowed the owner to make it over-sized without crowding the space of the helmet.  

Screamin’ Screagles
Like the cheetah logo above, this owner also took advantage of the space the helmet has to offer. This eagle is the perfect shape to cover up the helmet vents – creating a larger logo that works with the shape of the helmet.

Great Scot
It wouldn’t be fantasy football without funny and absurd logos. The angry Scottish Terrier is a hilariously awesome logo. I doubt a pro or college team would have one of these yippy dogs as a mascot, but the logo is pro quality.

* These logos are made at Fantasy Sports Factory. Visit the site to make your own for free.