10 Great Text-Heavy Fantasy Football Logos

I’m always impressed with the creativity of fantasy football team owners. It’s nice to know there are a lot of nerds like me out there who want to make their team feel as real as possible. I decided to put together a collection of some of my favorite logos that have text on them. These team owners have done a fantastic job creating logos for their 2020 fantasy football team.

* These logos are made at Fantasy Sports Factory. Visit the site to make your own for free. 

Diablos is the Spanish word for devil. This logo looks great with the red text, red helmet and pitchfork.

This is a professional quality logo. Very cool style and colors. I especially love the red and gray shapes that make the football on the bottom half of the logo. 

Another cool logo that looks good enough to be a college football helmet. I can’t think of any gold, red and blue teams, but these work well together. 

Here’s the first animal logo of this Post. Nice bold letters on a cool-looking cougar logo.

This is my favorite helmet of this group. The primarily blue and gray logo on the blue and red helmet looks great. AfterShock is a great team name. Simply awesome work.

4th and 9ers
4th and 9 is a sucky situation for a football team to be in, but this helmet most definitely does not suck. The is a great and humorous take on the San Fransisco 49ers helmet. 

Bullet Club
I’m not a gun lover myself, but it’s hard to deny the coolness of this helmet. It looks like this logo was spray-painted on the helmet with a stencil for a very cool effect. 

Team Name Unknown
Sometimes simple is better. I don’t know the name of this team, but I’m really drawn to the big bold letter M on the helmet. Add a classic gray, red, and black color scheme and this makes a strikingly beautiful helmet. 

Boom! This helmet just looks awesome with the explosive logo on a yellow and black helmet. 

Wow. This letter D with the dolphin worked in is a super-cool and original take on a common team name. The owner moved away from the classic “ocean” colors to make an extremely cool black and red helmet. 

* These logos are made at Fantasy Sports Factory. Visit the site to make your own for free.